October 15, 2010

Israeli settlers sabotage Palestinian olive harvest

Israeli occupation forces, settler in village of Burin (AFP)
Mohai Nasser's olive harvest season ended before it began. Nasser, a carpenter from the village of Jit, took a day off on Sunday to pick olives from his 30 olive trees which provide him with oil for the entire season. He was shocked to discover a painful sight when he reached his plot. "I saw that all my trees had been shaved," he said. "There's not one fruit left on any of the trees."

Nasser has no doubts as to who is behind the act. "The Havat Gilat settlers emptied them (the trees) completely."

Nasser is not alone. Farmers of the neighboring villages also found there was nothing left of their crop of hundreds of thousands of olives. Hundreds of trees have been stripped of their fruit.
Mohai Nasser with the few olives he has left (Photo: Ali Waked)
In a separate event Sunday, a tractor owned by Palestinians was burned in the village of Burin near Nablus.

Last year, security forces managed to significantly reduce the number of sabotage incidents. This is not the case this year. 



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