October 7, 2010

Israeli occupation forces injure child, journalists during protest

Ma'an - HEBRON – A group organizing rallies against settlement activity in the Hebron village of Beit Ummar said a child sustained burns and two journalists suffered bruises on Saturday following clashes between demonstrators and Israeli forces.

Palestine Solidarity Project Spokesman Mohammad Awad said 15-year-old Mohammad Jamal Khalil Abu Hashem sustained burns to his legs after Israeli forces fired a tear-gas canister toward him. Awad further said photojournalists Yousri Al-Jamel and Husam Abu A'llan sustained bruising "after they were harshly pushed by the Israeli army," a statement read.

Awad said demonstrators had set fire to five cardboard props representing the settlements surrounding Beit Ummar before clashes broke out near the Karmi Tsur settlement.

An Israeli military spokesman said he was not aware of injuries, and said Israeli forces deployed riot dispersal means when "50 rioters began hurling rocks at forces."


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