October 11, 2010

Israeli settlers expand Palestinian Territory colony

Ma’an - BETHLEHEM – Settlers in the northern Jordan Valley settlement of Mehola began large-scale construction projects on Wednesday night, reports from the Palestine News Agency WAFA said.

Official sources told the agency that the settlers were adding new housing units in the western side of the settlement.

Governor of Tubas Marwan Tubasy said three housing units had already been added during the past week, with several concrete pouring machines seen entering and exiting the settlement.

A report in the daily Israeli newspaper Haaretz said the foundations for some 350 homes had been set in the 10 days following the construction freeze expiration.

On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for Israel to show restraint as peace negotiators continue to work for a compromise on the issue, with Palestinian officials remaining adamant that peace talks will not continue if settlement construction does.


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