October 11, 2010

Residents protest 'video humiliation'

Ma'an - GAZA CITY – Gaza City residents organized a sit-in on Thursday, demonstrating collective anger over a video of an Israeli soldier belly dancing beside a bound and blindfolded Palestinian woman in the West Bank.

The video, which made waves on news sites and aired on Israel's Channel 10 News, was called a "disgusting illustration of the sick mentality of the occupier," in a Palestinian Authority statement.

Gaza Minster of Prisoners Affairs Muhammad Al-Ghoul spoke to assembled protesters, saying he believed the Israeli army would not waste an opportunity to mistreat Palestinians as long as the Arab and Islamic world remained silent about the crimes.

According to officials, the woman in the video was identified as 35-year-old Ihsan Dababisa, who told journalists that she was deeply humiliated on the day of the event, and again when it was broadcast on Israeli television.

Al-Ghoul asked rights organizations and the international community if they had been "sleeping on the job," accusing observers of willful silence in letting such an event go unanswered. 




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