March 28, 2013

Israeli occupation forces pose with victims’ dead bodies (PHOTOS)

Human Trophies (PHOTOS)

A young Israeli woman posted photos from her time in the Israeli Army in which she is seen posing near cuffed and blindfolded captives on her Facebook page.

Eden, who was recently discharged from the army, apparently had her pictures taken with the Palestinian captives in 2008. The photos were posted in her album titled "Army…best time of my life :)" 

Adi Tal: “You're super sexy here,”

Eden Abergil: “Yeah, I know, ha ha, what a day that was, see how he completes my picture, I wonder if he's on Facebook! I have to tag him in the photo! Ha ha.”

Shani Cohen: “LOL you psycho… I wonder who’s the photographerrrrr”

Shani Cohen: “Eden… he’s got a hard-on for you… lol for sure!!!”

Eden Abergil: Lol no honey he’s got a hard-on for youuu this is why you took that picture lol you took my picture!!!!”
More similar photos later emerged:

March 20, 2013

Must watch documentary: Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation

The bitter reality... in an image!

We're against the Israeli colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine that has been going on for the past 64 years. Share this post to spread the word... Freedom and equality for all.

January 31, 2013

Never Forget...

Jewish settlers make fun of a Palestinian woman after the Israeli occupation authorities force her and her family out of their home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

January 24, 2013

Video: Jews assault black people in Israel on New Year’s Eve and call for their expulsion

USA tax dollars at work. It's OK to be racist when you are a Zionist...


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