November 30, 2012

End Child Detention Now

Israel arrests at least seven hundred children per year, many are tortured and threatened with rape to obtain false confessions.

Abuse of Palestinian children detained by the Israeli occupation forces - who are usually detained in the dead of night as a form of intimidation or deterrence - varied between handcuffing, which reached 97%, blindfolding 92%, beating and kicking 69%, verbal abuse, signing confessions in Hebrew, solitary confinement, using electricity in torturing the child by attaching wires to his testicles and many other forms of abuse and torture.

In 2009 Israel killed more than four hundred children - some burned to death by white phosphorus shells dropped by the IDF in densely populated Gaza areas.

November 13, 2012

Where are Israel's borders?

Valuable prizes for those who can find the borders of the Zionist entity.

'Would you show me the eastern border of Israel? Is it the wall? Is it the UN agreed frontier? Is it the pre-1967 border? Is it the Jordan River? And I'm never given an answer, because Israelis don't know, and that is part of their tragedy, because they don't know... Unless we know where the state of Israel is, there isn't much point in talking about whether it's a Jewish state, whether it's a one state solution, two state solution or anything else, and it's the failure of the U.S. administration to elicit from the Israelis where is the eastern frontier, and they won't do it for all the reasons we know.' - Robert Fisk



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