November 15, 2010

Rights Center reports violent attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) -- The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center published a report on Saturday, detailing two recent acts of violent discrimination targeting Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Both instances occurred in West Jerusalem, and were precipitated by Jewish Israeli individuals asking the targets for a cigarette. When the targets complied with the requests, previously unseen men came out and attacked the Palestinians. Both were admitted to hospital.

Jewish settlers harass and shout at a Palestinian Woman.

On 6 November, 21-year-old Silwan resident Anan Jawad Yaghmour stepped out of a taxi at Hillel Street in West Jerusalem heading to work at his construction job, when a woman stopped him and asked if she could have a cigarette.

Yaghmour told the rights center that suddenly, at least four men came forward and beat him. He said he yelled that he was a Jew whose parents were from Morocco, adding that the beating stopped for long enough for the assailants to check his identity card, which revealed he was a Muslim Palestinian. He said the beating continued, and he was left unconscious and without his mobile phone.

During the beating, he added, the assailants used rocks and pepper spray to control him. He said he was not revived until a police cruiser picked him up. An ambulance was then called and Yaghmour was transferred to the Hadassa Ein Karem Hospital.

On 31 October, the center's report continued, a similar attack was reported near the Mamilla cemetery, just over the Green Line into West Jerusalem. Ahmad Sbeih, 41, told the center he was approached by one man asking for a cigarette, and when he reached into his pocket, he said other men approached him.

Sbeih said three of his teeth were broken in the attack.

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