November 17, 2010

Inshallah - A Documentary Journey Through Gaza

This is the preview trailer for a twelve part series; a virtual tour of the Gaza Strip from the Erez border crossing in the north to the Rafah crossing in the south.

The project (formerly called If William Can't Come to the Mountain) is being created to bring you the viewer to the Gaza Strip to better understand conditions on the ground. It is a picture that, like any community, is varied and complex.

That said, Gaza, is the only community on earth completely under a military and political siege by a hostile neighbor, Israel.

Every aspect of daily life in Gaza is controlled by an external force; where and how residents of Gaza can travel, what they are allowed to purchase in their stores, where and when they can build, how much international aid is allowed to enter, what goods and services can be exported. Virtually every aspect of the human condition.

It is under this reality that the Gaza Strip struggles with its political and economic future.

The phrase "Inshallah" is heard daily. It's literal translation being if Allah so wills it" In practice it is used by a population that feels their fate is not completely in their own hands.

The twelve chapters are being posted for review and comment here. All feedback is welcomed and much appreciated.

Thank you for watching.


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