July 21, 2010

(VIDEO) Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest 17-Year-Old Boy

Bil'in — Several heavily armed soldiers entered the outskirts of the village of Bil'in on Monday at 1:30 a.m. to arrest a 17-Year-Old Boy. The reasons for his arrest remain unclear but the child’s mother suspects it’s because of his participation in a peaceful demonstration against the occupation.

At least twelve jeeps were spotted most of which hovered as backup at the nearby Apartheid Wall.

Last Friday's demonstration was peaceful until the protesters were viciously deluged with salvoes of tear gas as soon as they reached the Apartheid Wall which some of the youth resisted with stones.

Unarmed activists are regularly fired at by Israeli forces at the weekly demonstrations in the West Bank village of Bi'lin which are one of the most impressive examples of Gandhi's principles being put into action in today's world.

The occupation forces have deployed a series of tactics to end the protests, including mass arrests, night operations, arresting minors and declaring protest villages a 'closed military area'.


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