July 28, 2010

Dozens of Israeli settlers build new outpost; Israeli forces imprison journalists and Palestinian residents

Dozens of settlers began building a new illegal outpost in Hebron's Al-Buweirah neighborhood between the city center and the Kiyrat Arba settlement on Friday.

Witnesses said mobile homes and sheds were placed on the site by morning, with one resident saying "dozens of settlers installed themselves in the area."

Local and international protesters gathered near the site on Friday morning, but were forced away from the newly occupied area by soldiers, who were reportedly protecting the new area.

Clashes erupted as residents grew angry over the military protection of the outpost, which is considered illegal under both international and Israeli law. Witnesses said two photojournalists and four residents were detained by military officials.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed three were detained, two journalists and a resident, he said the two journalists were released shortly after their seizure.

Questions about the military plan of action regarding the installation of an illegal outpost on Palestinian lands were directed to Israel's Civil Administration, representatives of which were not immediately available by phone for comment. 


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