July 27, 2010

Israel Wiping Out a Bedouin Village

Israeli bulldozers during the demolition of homes in the village of al-Taweel, Negev

Israeli bulldozers demolished forty homes this morning in the village of al-Arakib, in the Negev desert south of Israel and evacuated about three hundred of its inhabitants, under the pretext of building without a permit.
News reports said that thousands of police officers surrounded the village and provided protection for the demolitions.
The bulldozers started demolishing the houses on the corners of the village, before completing their mission of totally erasing the entire village out of existence. Clashes erupted between the inhabitants of the village and the police officers.

The children on the ruins of their demolished homes

Scenes of massive destruction that filled the place, where all the homes were reduced to rubble were captured by Al Jazeera.

Military Barracks:
Thousands of police officers accompanied the demolition operations

The village turned into a military barracks to secure the demolition process using bulldozers surrounded by helicopters to provide additional protection.
Israeli radio reported that the demolition process comes in the wake of orders by an Israeli court last night to demolish these homes. 

It is worth mentioning that the Negev constitutes about 40% of historic Palestine, an area of 12 thousand and 577 km 2, and home to nearly two hundred thousand Palestinians. Israel is seeking to concentrate them in eight towns that turned into centers of unemployment and poverty and are more like refugee camps.



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