July 19, 2014

BBC exposes the "Israeli Occupation Forces do not target civilians" claim

The four Bakr boys were cousins, aged 9 to 12. Ramez Bakr, father of one of the boys, said his son had come to sleep in his father's bed that morning before going out. Ashraf Amra/APA Images/Zuma Press

By Jonathan Cook

Israel's spokesman, Mark Regev, finally put on the spot by Ch4's Jon Snow. Interesting to see how journalists can get angry when it starts feeling personal. Their correspondent Jonathan Miller witnessed the killing of the four children yesterday on the beach and his film, which I posted earlier, documented what happened. 

It is this "ownership" of the incident by the journalists, through witnessing it, that gives them the sense of entitlement to challenge someone like Regev. Unfortunately, when they don't witness such events directly, which is the case with the vast majority of deaths in Gaza, then they are much more prepared to equivocate. 

So sadly, we are not likely to see this kind of grilling of Regev again soon.

'The Israeli military does not target civilians' - video


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