December 11, 2010

Fox News acting like Israeli leaders

Just a few days ago, Fox News called for the assassination of Julian Assange for treason, although Assange is not a US citizen. Bob Beckel, Fox News analyst, said that he's "not for the death penalty", but is willing to make one exception.

Bob Beckel excoriated Assange for leaking the State Department cables that have roiled the world in the past week, and said that American Special Forces should kill him.

"A dead man can't leak stuff," Beckel said. "This guy's a traitor, he's treasonous, and he has broken every law of the United States. And I'm not for the death penalty, so...there's only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch."


This attitude is similar to that of Israeli leaders who suggest killing 10,000+ Palestinian political prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured by Hamas four years ago as he was enforcing Israel's occupation and blockade of the Gaza Strip.


Fox News is acting like Zionists who think that they can take away the lives of innocent people without charge, trial or conviction.


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