September 11, 2010

Jerusalem archbishop greets Muslims on holiday

Ma’an - JERUSALEM – Jerusalem Archbishop Atallah Hanna extended greetings on Friday to all Muslims on Eid Al-Fitr.

He expressed his hope that the Palestinian people would unite and regain their rights after liberating their land.

The archbishop also condemned a small US church's now-canceled plan to burn Qurans, which he called illegal and inhuman.

The Council of Churches in the Middle East also condemned the plans, calling them in a statement on Thursday a "detestable crime against the teachings of Jesus Christ, and all of the values of the Church."

Burning the Muslim holy book, they say, contravenes international conventions of human rights.

Christians "unite with our brothers in all the Holy Land churches and with all our Muslim brothers to stand against the implications of the plan that extremist thinkers and graduates of hatred and intolerance schools will try to enact," the statement said.


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