August 8, 2010

Israeli Navy opens fire at Lebanese fishing boat

BETHLEHEM — The Israeli army confirmed Sunday that a naval vessel opened fire at a Lebanese fishing boat over the weekend, Israeli media reported.

An army statement said no damage or injury was caused, Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

On Saturday, the Lebanese army issued a statement saying an Israeli gunboat “fired several bursts toward Lebanese territorial waters” off Lebanon’s southern coast at 4a.m., NOW Lebanon reported.

The incident follows recent increased tensions along the border following clashes on Tuesday in the border village of Aadeisha, during which one Israeli soldier, two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist were killed.

The clashes, the fiercest since the second Lebanon war in 2006, were reportedly ignited when Israeli forces attempted to uproot a tree to install surveillance equipment.

At the time, a Lebanese army spokesperson said that Israeli forces were attempting to uproot a tree on the Lebanese side, while the Israeli army said it was on Israeli territory.


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